A skateboard serie with an iconic sculpture of Dijon city

Dijon’s city is trying to use his cultural heritage in order to propose different objects with graphics in connection with the city’s or area’s history. At the exit of the museums, you can find gift shops. In addition to classic pieces of arts, now they sell contemporary objects by collaborating with artists. This is thanks to the artist named “Skima”, native from Dijon, that the idea of creating laser engraved custom skateboards has emerged.

We have interviewed the project manager, Thierry Huguenin !

How did the idea of making a custom board come to your mind ?

Maxime (Skima) had realised a drawing of the weeping and I proposed him to make a serigraphy. On his side, he knew that Dijon’s city has already done printed skateboards and we agreed that it would be nice to propose this graphic on a skateboard. So he told me about Le Shape and the laser engraving technic, and I was in to try this new process.

How did you choose your graphic ?

In the palace of the dukes, there is a set of weepings that surround the tombs of the Bourgogne dukes. These are marble structures, about 52cm high. Those weepings are really emblematic of Dijon’s city. It was really interesting to mix an academic symbol with the skateboard medium.