Custom skateboard

Create a stunning custom skateboard thanks to laser engraving

From your design to the skateboard

We provide a support service for customization, that consists in helping you create the file, if you don’t master tools like Photoshop, and giving you advice so your file is adapted to laser engraving. Thanks to hundreds of custom skateboards made we’ll help you make the most out of laser engraving.

Ordering a custom skateboard is an easy process where you have the choice of the base coat (natural or colored), of your illustration/photo/drawing and maybe of adding a text where you want. Oriane will guide you through this journey.

Why laser engraving ?

Wood is a noble material that would be a shame to hide behind an opaque layer.

Laser engraving let us work directly on the wood and thus let its grain visible, which makes each skateboard unique.

We propose to add color to your customization through a base coat, but even in this case, laser engraving will let the wood appear underneath.

What about the boards ?

We’ve selected a supplier located in Europe (Spanish bask country) that makes good quality skateboards from American maple. The wood comes exclusively from areas under a forest conservation law aiming to save, maintain and regenerate the biodiversity.

We manage the customization process, from laser engraving to the last varnish layer, in Bordeaux.

Even if many use their board for decoration, they are perfectly skatable !

Artiste or not

Weither you are comfortable with tools like Photoshop and you’re looking for a production process that will respect your work and highlight it, or you simply want to create a custom skateboard with a photo of yours, we’ll be here to support you !

Ready to create yours ?

How does it work when ordering ?

  1. Everything starts with a message, you can write to us at or through Etsy by following the link above

    Ideally, your message will include as much elements as possible to start working on your board. For example : “I’d like to create a board with a black base coat, I’m thinking about the images attached and I’d like to add this text […] with a funky font”

    Available colors : 

  2. We chat and send you previews

    You’ll receive a preview made with Photoshop to let you see what your file looks like once laser engraved.

  3. Ordering is done on Etsy

    After we’ve agreed on the design, you can order on Etsy. We’ll then keep you informed about the production and shipping.

What are the delays ?

Delays are variable, it depends on the number of orders we receive at a time. The average is 4 weeks between the order and the delivery. When chating about your board we’ll inform you about the delays more precisely. 

Ready to make yours ?