Mike Kershnar

What is your artistic universe ?

My name is Mike Kershnar and my art is influenced by ancient and indigenous art from around the world as well as skateboard graphics, cartoons, and graffiti.  I am interested in spirituality and the quest for the sacred and humanities relationship with the natural world.

How would you define your graphic style ?

I think of my style as primitive expressionist.  I like to reduce images to basic patterns, shapes, and forms, while staying true to the basic compositions.

What is your relation with skateboarding ?

I have been a skateboarder for 30 years now. The bold graphics of the 80’s and the raucous graphics of the 90’s definitely informed my preferences and aesthetics.  I ride my skateboard daily in San Francisco, both as transportation and at the parks and spots.  I am inspired by the skateboarding of Evan Smith, Grant Taylor, Brandon Westgate, Dela, The Blobys, and Jason Jesse.  My favorite video in the last few years was the GX1000 film.

What is the connection between your art and skateboarding ?

I think skateboarding not only influences my visual iconography but the work holds similar values of forms and styles.  I love to do art in places of skate culture such as Double Rock in SF, and Wonderland Christiania in Copenhagen.

How did you envisage this collaboration ? Why this drawing ?

I thought this illustration of the 1979 Lincoln Continental automobile would be perfect for Le Shape, as the composition of the drawing fit perfectly on the skateboard and it was an homage to the car I actually drove my friends skating around in the 90s as well. I think it shows how organic patterns can make something as modern as a car feel alive and ancient.  I wanted to bring some Americana to Europe, the feel of a lone desert highway and a skate adventure with your friends.