Chopping Jerks

What is your artistic universe ?

I find inspiration in a lot of old music and comic book art. grew up reading mad magazine and marvel comics. later became a big fan of artists like Coop, Crumb, Burns and a lot of pinup art.

How would you define your graphic style ?

I’d like to think it’s clean, lots of contrast, bold, sexy and classy at the same time.

What is your relation with skateboarding ?

I have a great affection for it. Like art, skating was always something i tried excelling at. I grew up listening to a lot of punk music and skating with my friends.

What is the connection between your art and skateboarding ?

I’ve was always drawn to skateboard art, mostly old stuff. Hook-ups and Santa Cruz mainly. I’m more than certain is has something to do with the artist i am today.

How did you envisage this collaboration ? Why this drawing

I think these drawings have a similar vibe as some of the old skateboard art i used to see. I like the idea of having an attractive woman on something of value, like an old World War 2 plane or something alike.