Zumheimathafen custom skateboard

Zum Heimathafen’s customisation

Check how Alexander aka Zumheimathafen used the skateboard for a graphic design job.

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Skateboard as a new support for graphic designers

Alexander aka Zum Heimathafen is a grafik & illustration designer who was asked by a client to make a skateboard with one of his graphic. A research on Google allows him to find the “killer” solution: laser engraving.

How did the idea of making a custom board come to your mind ?

I was asked by a client.

Alexander is a designer and print maker in the field of illustration and graphic design. He works for agencies or direct clients, but also has got an eshop where he sells posters, clothes and stuffs.

Do you remember why did you choose laser engraving instead of printing ?

I was looking for ways to print on boards and saw that all processes only work with digital printing, due to the small quantity and since I’m a screen printer myself, I want high quality printing. And than I stumbled over your site and convinced my client that this would be „killer“.

How did you choose and create your graphic ?

It’s one of my poster designs I had to break down in Photoshop. Creating a good looking texture was the biggest challenge, to adapt it to the laser engraving technic. If you want to know more about this process, we have written a detailled article.

Alexander used our interface but he could also work on the skateboard template and send us his file via email. Our templates are available here.

Which advices would you give to the future board customisers ?

Plan ahead how you want to play with the light and check if your art works with this technic.

Do not hesitate to collect our feedback by contacting us here.


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Website & Shop



Want to use the skateboard as a new medium ?

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