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Street art and more

Since 2009, Beast has produced more than 200 urban installations in more than 40 cities across Europe, United States and Japan. With his ironic and provocative collages, Beast deconstructs well-known faces of politics and the world of entertainment, recreating scenarios to the limit of veracity.

His mashups challenge the urban audience to question the truthfulness of the information, in a continuous play of references between the real world and the ideal world proposed by the artist. Beast brings new life to famous and other forgotten images in the photographic repertoire of our history, extending the horizons of street art in the folds between the political commentary and a sheer form of art.

Started on his own, Beast is now a collective of 3 people creating and promoting this form of art.
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We have made a serie of 5 graphics about the most common injuries of skateboarders. It’s called “Howl – For your bones sake”. Each graphic is a limited serie of 25 pieces. 

A few questions to Beast Street Art

How did you get the idea to make this skateboard serie ?

I’m a skateboard fanatic, and I’ve always wander about creating my own custom decks. 
About this series, I was amused thinking about many people in their thirties today would like to go back using their skates as well as when they were ten or fifteen, but obviously many things have changed in their physical form in terms of agility, balance and the ability to fall…
So I thought about this series called “Howl” focusing on bones anatomy that is usually broken by skateboarding. Bones of the hands, feet, pelvis, spine, including an indication of how many days of hospitalization and what care is needed to recover from these fractures. You know, a typical black humor, a thing usually understood by those who practice so called “extreme” sports.
How did you make your graphics ? Because you never do this kind of work as Beast ?
All of our artworks are made of digital collages, but for the Howl series we tried something completely different, starting from scratch, following vintage anatomy illustration to create our custom designs.
After a long search we found in Le Shape the ideal partner for the production of our series. High quality boards, maximum freedom of customization, and the laser engraving technic that allows such a precise and faithful reproduction of our design. 
Beast has always worked with art galleries, art curators and representation agencies, our work is made possible through the synergy of different talents. The realization of these custom boards could only take place thanks to an experienced and qualified team like Le Shape.

How would you say that your art is linked to the skateboard ?

The answer could be very simple, both street art and skateborading take place on the streets, but I like to think that there are many other aspects that bring our activity closer to skateboarding. I think of a culture that includes musical tastes, clothing, but also an idea of life that I would call free and with a few compromises.
“Howl” is not just the scream of someone falling down breaking his hand, but obviously also a reference to the Allen Ginsberg’s Beat Generation bible. Sometimes it happens to reread the first few pages of that book, and I always get the same regenerating feeling: not necessarily we have to forget what we were passionate about when we were young, and not necessarily we have to become what we hated when we were young.