Luca Werner, photographer from Munich, Germany.




5 questions TO LUCA WERNER:


What is your artistic universe ?

I think if i would personalize my artistic universe it would be like a friend, a friend who understands me the best. I am blind, deaf and silent and still he/she/it knows what I mean !  

How would you define your graphic style ?

It’s often dark, it’s often about loneliness and melancholy. Everyone can be happy it’s boring it does not say anything. :)) 

What is your relation with skateboarding ?

Skateboarding will never let you down ! It’s always there true and loyal ! It’s like a never ending love story.  

What is the connection between your art and skateboarding ?

I have a really strong connection between my photography and skateboarding ! Both are strong tools to express myself ! So why don’t combine them and get a tool that’s even stronger ! 

How did you envisage this collaboration ? Why this drawing ?

I think for me it’s mostly about the people behind all this ! (About you three) I saw even before that you love what you are doing and to engrave these skateboards it’s your way to express yourself ! So I see this collab as a combination of things we love ! And when you combine things you love it is naturally awesome ! When people come together things start to roll and things start to work :)!


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Instagram: @Canlucatutis