Tigerclaw skateboard display

Tigerclaw – A beautiful piece to hang your skateboard on a wall

A simple part that deserved a designer reflection. Now you have something to replace the nail and the piece of string !

[French translation here]

Finally a well-thought skateboard display !

If you intend to use the skateboard as a decoration object, we have found the claw you need !
To hang your most beautiful skateboards in your flat, here is a part you should not skimp.

Like the founders of Tigerclaw, we were regularly confronted with the problem of hanging our skateboards on a wall. Is it possible to make a hole in this wall? What hanging system to choose to avoid the nail and the string? The deck has often finished on a furniture though it’s not the same rendering !

To begin: YES you can make a hole in your wall, provided that you are able to refill it and repaint the hole with the same colour as the rest of the wall the day you will leave your living space. Off course this point is only for people who rent.

This is Romain Hurdequint from the skate art blog The daily board, with the cooperation of Keflione from Royalclub Shanghai who created this claw. They didn’t find a claw at their convenience so they decided to create their own product, and even their own brand targeting the skate art lovers: Tigerclaw Supplies.

This claw is aesthetic even if there is no skateboard hung on it. Transparent screws are sold with the claw so they will be almost invisible when the skateboard is displayed.

Finally, the price is really reasonable (12€) so if you plan to use your skateboard as a decoration object, this claw is a part to take in account in your shopping cart. Eshop link

A feedback from one of our customers, Zum Heimathafen:

“I really like the Tigerclaw, it’s super easy to attach to the board and mount on the wall. And I really dig the embossing, even though you can’t see it in the end. First I had to think twice how it’s mounted on the wall but as soon as the penny dropped it totally makes sense to just use one screw for hanging.”

We have written a detailled article about his custom skateboard here.

Practical details:

You should make one only hole to set up your Tigerclaw. Check your wall material first, so you could use the right drill and screw.
If you have a concrete or placo wall, buy a screw with a dowel, it allows to maintain the screw within the wall.

A handyman friend or the DIY shop saler could help you.

Interested by this deck display ?

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